Meet Our Instructors

Vince Covino Vince has spent 16 years consulting successful business owners. His wide range of experience in consulting seven figure income business owners has given him the perspective needed to bring about measurable and positive change. Vince’s seminars have been attended by thousands with consistently high reviews for implementable and common sense solutions. He is a co-founder of, a software designed to help business owners increase team performance and manage their employees more effectively.
Melody Melody brings over a decade of experience to the team, managing three high volume wellness practices during her career.  Her passion is to help transform offices into highly successful businesses with clear purpose and vision. She attributes the success of those she coaches to a constant focus on efficiency and productivity, combined with a love for others and synergy in the office. She specializes in team energy and attitude, helping each team member discover their unique strengths and become empowered.
Dr. Marc Gottlieb Dr. Marc is a passionate and successful business owner having personally learned how to create a balanced and low stress life. He is one of San Diego Magazine’s Top Doctors in Chiropractic and respected as one of the top Chiropractors in the State of California and the Country. He currently mentors many other Chiropractors in San Diego. His office serves 650 practice members weekly.
Shannan Lawrence Shannan has worked in Human Resources and with profit and loss analysis for over a decade. Her experience managing offices and co-owning a business herself have given her insight into what makes some offices successful and others struggle.
Taryn D'Agostino Over 6 years ago, Taryn began working as a Chiropractic Assistant at Life Within Chiropractic (the office of Dr. Marc Gottlieb). Taryn has now had the chance to be a part of and taken action in positively affecting the lives of a multitude of people. She has had the opportunity to see the beauty that can come with the physical AND mental adjustments a team can daily offer when they work effectively together towards the same goals. Taryn’s desire is to help each office to reach new levels through stronger connections of all involved, often altering the mind-sets of how an effective, efficient, caring team can function.