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Chiropractic School The “Balancing Act”As a business owner, you have many demands on your time and energy.  Imagine if your business card read: “CEO, CFO, Insurance Supervisor, HR Director/Employee Motivator, Marketing Director” For many, these demands diminish fulfillment from an otherwise rewarding career.  As a result of wearing multiple hats, at times you are forced to neglect the day to day efficiency and profitability of your practice.  Too much time spent in areas of diminished expertise can lead to overall job dissatisfaction and burnout. We offer solutions.How Can I Realize Measurable and Sustainable Results Now?With an objective partner offering objective advice on systems, staff, marketing, taxes, strategy, etc. Legacy (LPS) delivers expertise and resources to fill this need and ensure your business is operating at optimal profitability.  Our team based approach addresses every area of business and measures its contribution to ensure you are always seeing a very compelling ROI in your relationship with Legacy.


With over 500 videos, documents, protocols, scripts, and webinars, your training will turn to auto-pilot. WE OFFER CUSTOMIZED COACHING AND A STEP BY STEP CURRICULUM FOR STAFF AND TEAM TO START TRAINING TODAY! START HERELegacy Has proven tools,to help you implement your 1-3 wildly important goals, you will be able to master and perfect each tool, until your practice is running on auto pilot. No need to wait for a seminar, customized coaching or step by step curriculum, START TRAINING TODAY.
Operations Management:  The foundation of a profitable office

  • Operations: How often do you receive operating statements and what key information is tracked to measure office productivity?
  • Labor Cost: How do you determine how much to pay staff?  How do you determine when to offer raises and bonuses?
  • Productivity: Are there established quantifiable productivity standards? How are productivity based performance standards measured?
  • Administration: Is there a developed percentage based budget? If so, how are the results tracked? Do administrative systems and procedures meet current requirements? If not, what are the ramifications of non-compliance?
  • Overhead: How is overhead accounted for? What methodology is used to track and measure the implications of adding overhead costs to cash flow requirements and profitability?
  •  Software: Are you confident your current software is the best suited, priced, and most efficient for your specific office functionality? 


Business Financial Management:  A practice that works for you

  • Proactive Tax Planning: Is your CPA evaluating proactive measures to lower taxes? Are your billing services integrated with your tax planning and CPA strategies?
  • Cash Flow Management: Are there systems to track accounts receivable? How are accounts payable managed?
  • Rent/Lease Negotiations:  Do you have a third party annually evaluate any contractual lease or rent obligations to determine if office or equipment leases can be modified or lowered? 
  • Billing Procedures:  Are you confident your current billing systems are optimized? Is your ratio of price (of billing) to collections optimal?

Insurance & Collections:  Building a compliant and proficient support system for cash flow

  • Collection Method Analysis:  How are fees and payments determined, such as debit vs. credit card, lump sum vs. payment plans? 
  • Fee Schedule:  How do you effectively increase fees without losing business?  


Marketing and Business Development:  Increasing collections without increasing overhead

  • Sales and Marketing: Are you getting a reasonable return on your advertising and promotion investments? How do you quantify this return?
  • Branding:  How is your business perceived?   Is your reputation being branded and enhanced? 
  • Website: Is your web presence consistent with your marketing objectives? How do you measure web success?
  • Multiple Income Streams: Are ancillary programs being utilized to enhance customer value and retention and gross revenue?  Is your staff trained to help promote these programs? 


Staff Development & HR:  Creating an effective and motivated team

  • Organization Engineering: Do all employees have a clear understanding of their role in the success of your business? Do you, as owner, have a clear understanding of your responsibilities to create a positive and healthy quality of life for you and your employees?
  • Team Building: Learn how to build a strong team, make your staff your biggest fans!   
  • Employee Retention:  How to keep key staff; develop career paths that are mutually beneficial.
  •  Human Resources:  Are there procedures in place to hire based upon EQ, IQ, personality match, and other statistically proven methods for finding the right team members?  Is there a clear and defined system for dealing with difficult staff members? Are terminations creating potential liabilities?

Personal Services:  Understanding why money is meaningful to you. 

  • Reflection and Vision:  Understanding your financial paradigm and perspective by exploring personal experiences.
  • Core Consulting: Uncovering personal weaknesses and strengths; discovery of causal financial mistakes through our engineered “Values Analysis”
  • Family Values Implementation: Blueprint family goals and values, and developing an effective roadmap to get you there!
  • Self Esteem/Self Image:  Building confidence and purpose through effective reflection questioning.


Personal Financial Affairs:  Creating and protecting your financial independence

  • Asset Protection:  Protecting your hard earned assets and practice from lawsuits, creditors, judgments, etc.
  • Financial Independence Planning: Understanding and controlling your financial life with strategic financial planning.
  • Estate/Legacy Planning: Learn how to leave a Legacy by having your will/trust and other estate documents up to date and thorough. 
  • Succession Planning/Practice Valuation Analysis:  Do you and your heirs know the value of your business?  Is there a contingency succession plan in place?  

We Consult, You Decide

As an objective consultant, Legacy Practice Solutions provides exhaustive and comprehensive consulting.  We analyze how your business is performing in relation to prior years and how it is performing relative to other offices in your geographic area and nationally. You will see your business and personal financial life as you have never seen it before. From this new perspective, you will be able to clearly understand the obstacles standing in the way of achieving the maximum potential of your business, as well as your own personal potential in life. Legacy will walk with you every step of the way to implement changes and develop strategies customized to reach your practice and personal goals. 





jason baietto
We have been really improving our internal systems in the last 2 months on the program. We are scheduling entire programs out better than ever before and it is making a huge difference.

 - Dr. Jason Baietto

ursula wilkinson
I was able to schedule multiple effective events after 3 weeks on the program with their marketing training. This group has been absolutely amazing; I haven’t had to be trained by my boss at all! Legacy has offered all the tools and training I have needed to go out and successfully market for my company.

- Ursula Wilkinson Marketing CA for Dr. Deed Harrison

Joe Ferrantelli
whole heartedly endorse Vince Covino and his team at Legacy, they were not only able to help me manage my business on the financial side of things, but also help manage my practice and employees. They were able to help me sell my practice and transition into other business endeavors. Vince Covino is by far the best financial mind I have ever experienced

- Dr. Joe Ferrantelli CEO of Posture-CO

Legacy was impactful in helping our team create clear roles and responsibilities as well as accountability and bonus structures, which saved us time and headaches. Because they trained our team on how to do be effective in their positions and bring in new patients, we were able to focus our energy on the best care possible for those patients.

– Dr. Deed Harrison
President CEO of chiropractic biophysics
Director of ideal spine health center

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